1970 - Bread in the Street, Rochdale, Toronto

1968Europe, independent travel, museums, music, culture, student movement
1969Toronto, New School of Art, studies under Robert Markle and Nobuo Kubota
1973Vancouver, join Western Front, artist-run centre
1974Hollywood, Deccadance, festival of mail art and performance, musical director
1975Toronto, A Space, Murder in the Fog, radio play, author, and Nite Spots, cabaret, director
Calgary, Arton’s, HP residency, with Patrick Ready, curated by Clive Robertson

1975 - The HP Sedan Bottle
1976 - The HP Dinner Show, Scientifically Designed to Help You Prepare, Eat and Digest Your Dinner

1976CFRO-FM, Vancouver, HP Radio Show, weekly broadcasts with Patrick Ready, until 1984
Western Front, Faustroll, shadow play, with Martin Bartlett, Kate Craig, Patrick Ready
A Space, Toronto, HP exhibition and performances
UN Habitat Forum, Vancouver, Planet of the Whales, radio play, with Luxe Radio Players

1978 - Vis-à-Vis, shadow play, National Gallery of Canada

1978International Festival of Performance Art, Montréal, Vis-à-Vis, shadow play
The Kitchen, New York, Piranha Farms, performance, with Eric Metcalfe and Jane Ellison
1979Vancouver Art Gallery, Pacific Rim Slowscan, telecommunications, with Bill Bartlett, Chris Creighton Kelly, curated by Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, technician
Audio Scene ’79, Vienna, symposium and exhibition, Boy Can See with His Ears, performance, curated by Heidi Grundmann
1980World tour, year of research travel, meeting artists, Asia, Africa, Europe, with Kate Craig. Shadow theatre studies in Bali with master daling I Wayan Wija

1980 - Bali - on the way to a shadow play performance
1980 - Bali, I Wayan Wija performing the Mahabharata
1981 - Wiencouver slowscan transmission

1981Moderne Art Gallery, Vienna, and Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, South North, Towards a New World Cultural Disorder, exhibition, with Kate Craig
A Space, Toronto, La Chaise des Mémés, shadow play, with Kate Craig
Western Front, Artists Use of Telecommunications, international slowscan and email event, with Bill Bartlett
Wiencouver, slowscan video, Vancouver-Vienna, with Robert Adrian
Afro-Asiatic Combine, proposal for an inter-cultural institute, with Robert Filliou
1982Western Front, curator of exhibitions

1983 - Fax art, still from C'est la Video

1983October Show, Vancouver, Cheekeye Dunsmuir Line, sound installation, curated by Daina Augaitis
Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris, La Plissure du Texte, telecommunication, with Roy Ascott¬†
Wiencouver IV, slowscan, Vancouver-Vienna, with Robert Adrian
Akademie der Kunst, Berlin, Aka Nada, shadow play

1984 - with Eric Metcalfe in Paris
1985 - shadow puppet, Corpus Colossus

1984Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Sax Island, video, with Eric Metcalfe
Galerie Jacques Donguy, Paris, Sax Island, exhibition, with Eric Metcalfe
MacBooty Brothers, European tour, performance, with Eric Metcalfe
1985Western Front, FRONT Magazine, co-founder and editor, until 1990
Western Front, curator of music program
Riviera Remont, Warsaw, and Mucsarnok, Budapest, Corpus Colossus, shadow play, additional performances in Valladolid and Amsterdam
le lieu, Québec, Nicaragua 1984, performance
Biennale of Peace, Hamburg, Last Words of Gertrude Stein, audio installation

1986 - Cross-Cultural Television

1986Berlin Film Festival, INFERMENTAL VI, video magazine, producer and editor, screenings in Hong Kong, Moscow, Thunder Bay and other cities
Cross-Cultural Television, video, with Antoni Muntadas, multiple screenings and collections
Strategies for Survival, international conference, co-organizer, Expo ’86, Vancouver
Venice Biennale, Planetary Network, telecommunications project, with Roy Ascott
1987Biennale des Arts Visuels de l’Est du Québec, Matane, video performance
dokumenta 8, Kassel, MacBooty Brothers, performance, with Eric Metcalfe

1988 - with William S. Burroughs

1988William S. Burroughs, exhibitions and readings, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, producer
1989Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, Radio Painting, for Kunstradio
Japanese Performance Art, 10-city Canadian tour by Tari Ito and Haruo Higuma, organizer
Gallery TOO, Vancouver, solo exhibition, Lumen Cinereum, video installation, 
1991MOMA New York, New Canadian Video, Sax Island, video, with Eric Metcalfe
Western Front, Vancouver, Telecom ’91, telecommunications festival, director
1992Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, Radio Rethink, exhibition, performance, publication, curated by Daina Augaitis and Dan Lander
Images Festival, Toronto, Duster, video, with Rebecca Belmore, Cornelia Wyngaarden, Eric Metcalfe

1991 - Script for Duster
1992 - Banff - Radio Rethink
1993 - with Goji Hamada

1993UBC School of Architecture, Building with Water, symposium on art and ecology, convenor
Kyoto Performance Festival, Technology and Nature, performance, curated by Goji Hamada
Pacfic Film Archives, Berkeley, Hank Bull, Recent Video, screening curated by Steve Seid
1994Next Wave Festival, Melbourne, Australia, keynote speaker
Littoral, Manchester, New Zones for Artist-Initiated Activity, symposium
San Francisco, Free Idea Zone, conference of artists from Canada, US and Mexico
Western Front, Neighbourhood Television (NTV), with Tetsuo Kogawa, producer
Leipzig Medienbiennale, Wagon, videophone installation
Media Galleria, Turku, Finland, Elsewhere, telephone installation

1996 - Shanghai Fax, catalogue title page

1995Research travel to Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, China, connect with artists in Shanghai
Radio Sagada, Philippines, set up mini-fm radio station, with Santiago Bose
Tokyo Art Conference, Passage of Death, telematic performance, curated by Hironobu Oikawa
1996Hua Shan Art College, Shanghai, Shanghai Fax, exhibition, co-curator with Ding Yi, She Yong, Shen Fan, Zhou Tiehai
Yokohama Citizen’s Gallery, Displacement, video installation, curated by Masashi Ogura and Makiko Hara
Tokyo International Dance Festival, Distanz, telematic performance
Centre d’art contemporain Basse Normandie, Hérouville, France, Distanz
PAARC, Pacific Association of Artist-Run Centres, Vancouver, co-founder
1998C’est Tous les Jours Robert, symposium on Robert Filliou, Périgueux, France
Jiangnan, Modern and Contemporary Art from South of the Yangze River, Vancouver exhibition series, 12 galleries, symposium and catalogue, co-curator and producer, with Zheng Shengtian

1999 - web radio

1999Littoral, Ambleside, UK, Art Barns, symposium, MerzMuzeum, 10 city Internet web jam, live broadcast on Kunstradio, Vienna
Centre A, Vancouver International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, co-founder and director, 1999-2010, produce over 100 exhibition and performance projects
2000Centre A, Twisting the Box, international symnposium, convenor
2001Littoral, Lancashire, UK, Farming and the Web, residency and Internet radio 
Para/Site, Hong Kong, Space Traffic, symposium, Me & You, performance
2002Centre A, Locating Asia, international symposium, convenor
2005Interakcje 7, Piotrkow-Trybunalski, Poland, performance, with Sarah Turner
2007Sâkêwêwak, Regina, Saskatchewan, Transpose, symposium, convenors Candice Hopkins, Narendra Pachkhede
2009Nam June Paik Art Centre, Seoul, multi-inter-trans, lecture

2008 - Centre A, opening reception for Jamelie Hassan, Orientalism and Ephemera
2010 - Centre A crew: L-R: Debra Zhou, Dylan McHugh, Margaret Dragu, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Maria Xtina Panis, Makiko Hara, Lani Maestro, Hank Bull

2010Centre A, Let’s Twist Again, international symposium, convenor
2012Wakayama Museum, Tokyo, solo exhibition, Open Sea
Festival international de filmes sur art, Montreal, Autumn Colours, video screening
Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax, Jipugtug, video production commission
Kunstradio, Vienna, Wiencouver X, production residency and radio performance
2014Radio as Art, Bremen, symposium, keynote speaker, Reception of Electricity
2015Confederation Centre Art Gallery, Charlottetown, solo survey exhibition, catalogue
Galerie de l’UQAM, Montreal, Connexion
2016St Mary’s Univesity Art Gallery, Halifax, Connexion
School of Art Gallery, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Connexion

2017 - Transmission Table, from Connexion exhibition, Burnaby Art Gallery

2017Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby BC, Connexion
LIVE Performance Biennale, Vancouver, Momo, shadow play
Franc Gallery, Vancouver, Recent Work, solo exhibition
20187a*11d Performance Festival, Toronto, elder-in-residence, Donkey Tales, shadow play
2019Franc Gallery, Vancouver, Theatre of Painting, solo exhibition
2020Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver, What Have You Been Up To?, group exhibition
2021Merz Office, installation, private commission, Vancouver
2022Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, Setting the Stage

Ishtar, acrylic on cardboard, 30" x 40"

2023MKG127, Toronto, Supply Chain, with Germaine Koh, Khan Lee et al.
Gallery 881, Vancouver, Standing Forms, photographs
OTONOM, LP record, solo piano improvisations
Unit Pitt, Vancouver, The Sound of the Sun, audio cassette commission
2024WAAP, Vancouver, LANDscape, oil paintings